How did Apizeal come to be?

Our story

For us, it happened in between collaborating and communicating, being totally transparent building tech solutions for insurance agencies and agents in the US, while always aspiring to outdo our best.

It expanded as we integrated and automated, and developed our community beyond our dreams. We experienced how empowering it is to truly work together with our customers to build the digital solutions they need to grow their business.

It is through this journey that Apizeal was born, a tech company based in Florida, US. And it is so exciting to know that as we continue on our mission together, we’re only getting started…

Cintya and Joel, founders of Apizeal Software.

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Our culture

Transparency and trust

Data is at the core of our identity both as a company and a team. Access to data in a secure way allows to work even better together and perform at their professional best. It's that kind of trust that leads to fast execution and high impact.

Innovation and impact

We know that our customers need to take full ownership over their book of business, from A to Z, which instills a sense of personal investment and drive leading to better execution to originate an impact in the communities.


Our customers’ satisfaction and success is at the heart of everything we do. We are passionately committed to helping customers with our best-in-class support, and we believe that when our customers win, we win.


We mean it when we say that a product should work for the customer and not the other way around. Every feature is designed with ease of use in mind to deliver the best user experience. And proven by the fact that more than 70% of our customers work in traditionally non-tech industries.

Our Leadership


Joel Martinez, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Joel leads Apizeal and focuses on delivering breakthrough value to customers. He also oversees Apizeal's product, engineering and design.


Cintya Zambrano, Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Cintya leads Apizeal's marketing and communication teams, including client success and corporate marketing, demand generation and growth.

Joseph N., Chief Technology Officer

Joseph leads Apizeal's research and engineering teams.

Eglee B., Chief Legal Officer

Eglee oversees Apizeal's legal, security, compliance and regulatory matters.

Valentina M., Client Success Specialist

Valentina is in charge of building strategic relationships with customers to help them drive Apizeal's value.

Hector A., Operations & Technical Support Manager

Hector oversees operation, technical support and customer success teams.

Katherine M., Content Marketing Manager

Katherine is in charge of building marketing content to communicate Apizeal's value.

Ibrahim C., Paid Media & Revenue Growth Strategist

Ibrahim leads sales-led revenue channels, including paid media strategies.

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