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The agencies that use Apizeal have:

  • Reduced on 85% the time processing commissions
  • Increased the number of agents they can manage, as a result, they also increased their sales
  • Saved plenty of hours filling out applications letting their clients update and manage their own information using the unique link that is provided by our tool
  • Increased client-retention rate to 90%.


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Maximize your agency’s productivity with Apizeal Insurance Software

Automated commission calculation and processing
Say goodbye to endless excel files and sheets of paper, quickly and effectively calculate month-to-month commissions
All your information centralized in a single platform
Keep your business book organized and centralized. Manage your policies, renewals and agents safely
Access to your business book from any device 24/7
Have the information about your policies, clients, and agents on hand at all times from your mobile, laptop or PC

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